DaleTalk is an online talk show featuring Host/Producer Dale Phifer. The panel in which various real men and women discuss everyday issues, share their opinion and engage in informative, real talk, entertaining conversations. In addition to the panel, DaleTalk conducts interviews with celebrities and event coverage.



  1. Dale is a great host and the topics she is bringing forward for discussion happen everyday in households in our community. She needs a larger audience, so share her with social media!

  2. I enjoyed Dale Talk Dale! Great convo! Keep doing your thing! Can I subscribe so I can keep up with episodes? Chrissy Murray

  3. Loved the show, really great dialogue , definitely was smiling the whole time.
    The wife probably going to be up all night now trying to interrogate me lol

  4. AWESOME SHOW!!! Dale is truly a gifted host she knows how engage her guest and skillfully ask the right questions. I couldn’t get enough. Sister keep doing your thing. Your doing a great job.

  5. Dale, I watched 6 of your interviews and enjoy them all. You are doing an amazing job asking REAL QUESTIONS that we try to avoid giving REAL answers to. Keep up the GREAT work. Daletalk tv ROCKS!!!!!

  6. Enjoyed the dialogue and loved the interaction between you and Debbie Allen. Love what you do Girl! ~Sandra Jackson-Wilson

  7. Dale Talk, real talk all day owns up to its name. It is very refreshing to watch a show with real life topics. These are topics that every color and creed, male and/or female could relate to. I can’t wait for the next show. Dale, you have done it again! Keep up the good work. ;o)

  8. Hey Dale! (My Sister and Friend) Just wanted to leave a quick comment to say that I am truly proud of you. You already know I’m a huge fan! Keep Doing Your Thing and Keep Real Talk, All Day GOING! 😉

  9. Dale Talk TV is a phenomenal show and life changing ! As a inspirational speaker, spiritual leader, youth mentor, radio personality, advocate and actor I have to say that I commend Dale for her gifts beyond measure creating such a powerful show !

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