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Dale Phifer

Host/Producer: Dale Phifer

As a child I always knew I would be in some form of entertainment. I love to talk and love the world of Urban Entertainment. At the age of 10 I fell in love with dance and fell hard. I lived in the dance studio from age 10 to 19, modern dance was my favorite. I auditioned and was accepted to the Fame School – The High School of Performing Arts. Coming from Queens, I felt out of place with the other students who lived in Manhattan, attended the top dancing schools and had agents, so after my freshman year I transferred. Of course looking back as an adult I realized I was just as good but as a teenager I was not aware of that fact. I continued to dance and performed at various talent shows and was an extra in Public Enemy, KRS One and Big Daddy Kane music videos – don’t blink, you’ll miss me . I became interested in “behind the scenes” when I got the opportunity to work for Salt n Pepa and Kid n Play and learned all the ins and outs of managing a recording artist. Those experiences led me to managing independent artists and producing shows. In 1993 my son was born which shifted my gear to mommy mode. When he turned five I made the decision to relocate from New York to Atlanta and became a Career Preparatory Instructor. Although it wasn’t in the entertainment industry, I did enjoy changing lives for the better. In 2000, I officially began my journey as a full fledged Entrepreneur. From 2000 to 2006 I created Teen Nubi Magazine, a Publication for Urban girls. During its 6 year span, Teen Nubi interviewed Mary J. Blidge, Vivica A Fox, Laila Ali, Lil Wayne, Beyonce and legendary Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons and covered such prestigious events as The B.E.T. Awards, The B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards, Venus vs. Serena Celebrity Match, and The Trumpet Awards. In 2000, I founded a non-profit mentoring and personal development program for at-risk teenage girls. Yes I’ve been busy, maybe that’s why I am single - ok that’s another story. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this Intro, I love to talk, so I decided to combine my passion of conversation and entertainment and created DaleTalk. Enjoy!

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Shayna Red

Hello Dale, I am super excited about the Entertainment Business Industry as well. Visiting your Online Talk Show has inspired me to pursue my dream of being a CEO, of an Entertainment Management Company. Looking forward to one day networking, collaborating and living out our passion. All the Best with your TV Talk Show!!


Hello Dale first, I would like to say that I’m very proud of you. I’ve known you for so many years and nobody knows your passion for the entertainment like I do. And I wish you tons of success.


Great content!!


Hi dale congratulations on your TV show